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Amina' becomes first Nollywood title to hit Netflix's global top 10 list!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The historical drama based on Queen Amina of Zazzau premiered on the streamer on November 4.

The film which premiered exclusively on Netflix became the first Nigerian film to make the global top ten list. Confirming the feat, director Izu Ojukwu shared a video of Netflix Director of Content for Africa, Ben Amadasun making the announcement at a press briefing.

"Netflix confirms that 'Amina' has become the first Nigerian film to hit the Top Ten list globally on its platform," Ojukwu wrote on his Instagram. Starring Lucy Ameh in the lead role as Amina, the film explores the rise to power of the 16th century warrior and queen.The film which is co-produced by 'Living In Bondage' producer, Okey Ogunjiofor also stars Clarion Chukwurah and Ali Nuhu.

AMINA is the story of the willful older daughter of the king of Zazzau, a 16th century Nigerian kingdom. The dad, Sarki (Abu Chris Gbakann), dotes on her and, despite the impropriety, allows her to be trained in weaponry for combat. Amina expects to use her leadership and combat skills to become her people's first female monarch. But the king's general and adviser, Madaki (Magaji Ibrahim Mijinyawa), is already plotting to usurp the throne from her father by teaming up with the leader of the Igala, a rival kingdom. The Zazzau have enslaved the captured Igala, some of whom are forced to fight to the death against Zazzau's greatest warrior, Kabarkai (Blessing Godwin Ogaga). The one who manages to injure Kabarkai turns out to be the prince of the Igala, Danjuma, a prisoner of the Igala.

His kingdom would like him to return, not so he can rule, but to kill him so an Igala usurper can assume the throne. That usurper conspires with Madaki to wipe out the heirs to the thrones in each kingdom. Amina, aided by prophesies of the priestess (Clarion Chukwura), prevails, but with a high price to pay. Amina is currently still on Netflix make sure you catch it before it ends it's run on Netflix.

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