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Out with the old, in with the new - Happy New Year 2022

Wow, where has 2021gone it seems like just yesterday I was gathering with my extended Nigerian family saying goodbye to the ever-difficult year of 2020. We were excited, hopeful of 2021 it will be the year we can finally put away the dreadful plague of Covid. 2021 would bring us back to the way things were for all of us. We all yearned for day we can run to the store or any indoor facility without our masks. Or gather together in large crowds and it not be a petri dish for spreading the virus. We were all hopeful that 2021 will be the year in which Covid no longer dominated the news headlines and tickers anymore. The number of infections and especially the number of deaths from Covid though heartbreaking and shattering would finally decline. Well, 2021 brought about some good news and then some more troubling news. It was the time that finally here in the US a n new political party took over and a corrupt one left, but without first leading a bunch of crazies into an insurrection.

It was also the year that saw the creation of Covid Vaccines and by the end of the year there was vaccines available for all person's 5 and up. Yes, we thought this year we will finally defeat that ratchet Covid. Instead, what we saw was more political battles. Vaccinated vs Non-vaccinated battles that poured out into the streets in forms of protests, online in forms of bullying and in our homes where families turned against each other, teachers against schools, nurses against their fellow nurses and their administrations. And then sadly Covid begins to duplicate into various variants with stronger new version of this deadly virus began creeping up all over the world. First there was the Delta a very contagious and stronger versions of Covid. Then the Omicron which was discovered in South Africa. However, that version is quickly disappearing as quickly as it reappeared. Despite all this people still traveled, still went outdoors, still had gatherings, still went shopping, life didn't stop. Those that got the vaccine such as I felt a little empowered, and it felt easier to travel out among a crowd of people without the fear that walking in a strip mall could be a life-or-death situation. We've come to the end of the year and well nothing much has changed, well maybe a little. This year we will all still be hopeful, we are still excited for making it into another new year, we’re all still going to travel, have gatherings, and enjoy our lives as much of possible, but in the back of our minds we will wonder if this is going to be the year we can finally say Audios, Au revoir, Sayonara, Bye, Felicia to this horrendous virus.

Cheers to 2022!!!


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