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If you’re looking to travel to the United States anytime soon there are some important things that you must know in travelling. Now as you know we are in a middle of a Pandemic so the United states embassy in Abuja and the consulate also in Lagos are actually only approving a certain amount of visas so please be aware that if you are thinking of going to US get your visa and apply now! The embassies are following some strict social distancing practices and applicants must wear face mask and when you go into one of the service centers be careful. Do not go if you are feeling sick if you have any questions, they have an email support center. I don't know how responsive they are the email support center is . Non-immigrant visas are for those wanting to go and visit the U.S. for a temporary visit for vacation or for a conference. With the current situation the embassy and consular general continue to prioritize travelers with only urgent travel needs.

There are some visa fees that you would have to pay when you submit your application. The majority of Visa fees are $160 up to $265 but if you're trying to get a visa for business or tourism majority of that cost is $160 which amounts to be about 67,200 Naira. Now even though the costs are in dollars you must pay in the local currency. You can pay it online or you can pay it at a local GT bank. The unfortunate part about paying visa fees is that these are nonrefundable so whether or not your visa gets approved you still must pay $160. It’s quite disappointing because $160 is not an easy feat to earn for most Nigerians so after going through the Visa process with the applying, gathering documents and paying that $160 fee just to be told that your application is denied can be very disheartening for many Nigerians. Quite unfortunate hopefully this might change in the future.

Even though the visa processing center does everything it can to process visas at a good time frame. Please remember to apply at least three months early for your travel. They are different steps and things that must be done in order for your visa to be approved so waiting times could be pretty long but if you go to the visa website that Nigeria has there is a link for you to find out what the waiting times are for each embassy, you can also schedule an appointment online. Please note that when applying for nonimmigrant visa you are required to upload a digital photo that was taken within the last six months as part of completing your application form. You also need to take a printed copy of your photograph with you on the day of the interview where you will also be fingerprinted. For more information about your photo requirements visit ustraveldocscom/ng. After you’ve scheduled your interview on the website then wait for the day. Be prepared for the interview, dress accordingly and get there on time. For more information pleas click on this link here:

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